Boyce Financial Services

Boyce Financial Services (BFS) delivers personalised, proactive and professional investment services.

Our experienced and highly qualified advisers specialise in tailoring strategic financial planning solutions for individuals, families and businesses. 

If you require investment advice following a farm or business sale, superannuation and retirement advice (including self-managed super fund set-up and investment strategy), assistance with direct share investments, insurance risk management or any investment service - we can help. 

Boyce Financial Services has been at the forefront of reforms being implemented in the financial planning industry. We have a transparent fee for service business model that ensures you know exactly what you will pay and what services you can expect prior to any work being undertaken. Your costs are limited to:

  • An agreed set fee for the preparation and implementation of a Statement of Advice (SOA)  
  • A fixed dollar amount, agreed annually in advance, for ongoing investment advice 

The requirement to act inherently in the best interests of clients is a value that underpins our business. Read more about Boyce Financial Services by clicking below:

Boyce offers a full range of services
  • Professional investment advice
  • Investment strategy following farm or business sale
  • Children’s education saving plans
  • Strategic retirement and superannuation planning
  • Self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) investments
  • Protection of your family’s income and assets
  • Succession or estate planning services

Click here to find out more about Boyce Financial Services and how we can assist you to maximise your wealth and increase your financial security for generations to come.

To get you started, the initial information sharing meeting with a BFS Adviser is at no charge. Contact Lindsay Garnock or your local BFS Adviser to make an appointment.

Lindsay Garnock | Director
Boyce Financial Services
44 Fitzmaurice Street, Wagga Wagga 2650 (head office)
P: 02 6925 9044
F: 02 6925 9055

Lindsay Garnock is a Director of Boyce Financial Services Pty Ltd as Trustee for Boyce Financial Services Unit Trust (AFSL 522265).