Independent Chairman

 An important part of the governance arrangements for Boyce Chartered Accountants is the role of the Independent Chairman. 

The Chairman is appointed to advance the interests and cohesiveness of the leadership group and provide independent advice, counsel, and guidance for Directors and staff. 

Mike Willis was appointed as the Boyce Independent Chairman on 1 July 2015, joining an illustrious group of former long-serving Chairmen including Robyn Clubb (2009 - 2014), Will Laurie (2000 - 2009), the late David Gamson (1994 - 2000) and Jack Morrow (1981 - 1994). 

Having commenced his working life in the finance industry, Mike brings to Boyce his considerable experience both as a Senior Executive and at Board level.

Mike is the Board Chair of West Moreton Health, which provides healthcare services to the fast-growing Ipswich and West Moreton region of Queensland. He is also the Deputy Chair of the National Injury Insurance Agency (Queensland) and chairs their Audit and Risk Commitee.

He was for many years a governance consultant, working closely with companies and organisations on the development of strategy and providing advice on corporate governance, risk and corporate sustainability.

Mike has also served as Director and Chairman of an ASX listed company in the finance industry, as a director of several industry peak bodies, and in executive roles in financial services and health and aged care.

Mike and his wife Kathy continue to be active sportspeople, with Mike being the past President of the Queensland Rugby Referees Association and an enthusiastic coach and mentor of budding rugby referees.