Liam Smith | Senior Technology Manager


Liam Smith commenced his career with Boyce in January 2000 as a cadet accountant in the Goulburn office. From the start Liam enjoyed the accounting work and the ability to combine practical work experience with part-time study.

As Liam gained exposure to more complex accounting he found himself being drawn to understand more about the information technology behind a good accounting practice and the impact of this on client service delivery. Subsequently, upon graduating from the University of Canberra with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2004, Liam moved full-time into an IT role with the firm.


Liam’s inquisitive nature and organised approach to solving problems meant he thrived in the IT Systems Administrator role he took on in 2006. At that time Liam moved to the Boyce Dubbo office where he was able to service the northern offices of Boyce more efficiently.

The huge leaps in information technology that have occurred over the past decade and the ability of this new technology to make the financial management side of business more efficient led to the creation of the Boyce Tech Group and Liam’s appointment to the Senior Manager role. The Boyce Technology Group aims to bridge the gap between IT and the accounting industry to deliver efficient solutions for clients.

As well as leading the Technology Team, Liam has been working on an internal project to develop a software program that embodies the unique Boyce management accounting approach. The resultant Boyce Management Insight product has been successfully rolled out and is delivering real efficiencies and results for many clients.





Liam’s vast experience in understanding and using all the leading small to medium business accounting systems means he is an invaluable resource to both the firm’s clients and internally.


Liam heads up a small team that is currently reviewing the next phase of IT innovation to consider how some of these new developments could be used to assist businesses. Industry trends currently on the radar include:


  • The rise of cloud systems;
  • The integration between business systems where the trend is away from big one-stop applications to a combination of tailored solutions to help businesses succeed; and
  • A focus on the increased competition between accounting software vendors with the arrival of Intuit in Australia, the rising popularity of Xero and the resurgence of more traditional solutions including MYOB and Reckon.


Liam and the Boyce Technology Team can be contacted by email to or by phone on 02 6884 6499.