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Angela Smith - Manager


Angela grew up in the western district of Victoria before moving to a farm close to Wee Waa, in north central NSW in 2010. Between finishing school and starting university she spent some time working on a beef cattle feedlot operation in Alberta, Canada after working with her family on broadacre farming properties near Wee Waa, NSW. She then completed her Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of New England while working full time at Boyce Moree and then completed her CA.


Angela works with a broad range of clients, from small farming partnerships and small businesses, through to large scale farming operations, and is passionate about helping them to make informed decisions about the future of their business.

Angela enjoys working with clients to ensure that their management accounting and administration systems are meeting their needs and providing the relevant information needed to operate their business effectively.


Angela has firsthand experience in irrigated and dryland farming which provides an appreciation of what challenges clients face regularly and continues to help with her families farming business.

Angela is involved in local community organisations including the Moree Picnic Race Club.