Hamish Cullenward - Director

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Hamish Cullenward - Director


Hamish completed a Bachelor of Commerce and Actuarial Studies at ANU in 2010. After graduating, he worked for RiceWarner Actuaries in Sydney before joining Boyce as an accountant in July 2013.

Hamish completed additional post graduate studies to become a qualified chartered accountant in 2016 and a graduate of the Institute of company director’s course in 2017.


Hamish was appointed as a Manager in July 2017 and Director in July 2019.

Having grown up on a grazing property north of Bourke, Hamish has found his passion working regionally and genuinely helping families and other businesses.


Hamish works across various industries with a diverse range of clients, from small sole trader operations to large corporations which has provided great skill development in a short space of time.

Outside of work, Hamish is a director and treasurer for Kurrajong, an organisation local to the Riverina, which provides support, training and opportunities to people with a disability.