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Nick Burton Taylor | Boorowa NSW

I just wanted to record my personal thanks for the wonderful engagement we have had with Boyce for so many years.

Both you (Jono Forrest) and your firm should take great pride in what has been achieved and the structures and processes that we have built around governance to preserve our future and protect our integrity. These achievements in no small measure are due to the commitment of your firm and in particular Beth Hoskins and yourself (Jono Forrest).

With profound thanks for your continuing involvement and engagement in our endeavours.

Geoff Hucker | Beyond the Orphanager | CEO

It is the time of year again when I have the absolute joy and privilege of reaching out to not only send my very best wishes to you and family but to once again thank you for your generosity. 

Quite simply, BTO would not be what it is without you. Your generosity forms the very foundation of all we do, and without it, we would not be where are today. 

I’m incredibly proud of our programs, the children in our programs, the extraordinary BTO team - none of any of those would be possible without the generosity shown by you. 

So rather than give thanks and gratitude just from me, I am going to speak on behalf of the children in our BTO family – from each and every one of them, and me, I want to truly and deeply thank you. Over this holiday season, please take comfort in knowing that your generosity has helped to profoundly change the lives of children in a way the course of which can never be reversed - and most especially, you help to put a smile on each face. 

So to all of you and your family – a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you all. The generosity you show towards us is reflected in the brightness, happiness and laughter of the children - and for that, the children in our care and I are incredibly and forever grateful to you.

Wendy Cohen | Chief Executive Officer, Country Education Foundation of Australia - October 2018

Boyce Chartered Accountants has been a dedicated charity partner to the Country Education Foundation of Australia for the past 15 years. The community spirit of Boyce fits with the grassroots structure of CEF. We both have a vision to empower communities to find local solutions.

The corporate commitment of Boyce not only includes their highest quality professional services, but also encourages their directors and staff to participate in the activities of CEF foundations.

Boyce staff members are active volunteers in many of CEF's local committees, enthusiastically giving their time in many roles including chairmen and treasurers. Boyce's commitment to CEF is also shown in their regular and active participation in fundraising events, including pushing Percy during the Pig Push event.

Boyce and CEF share a commitment to rural and regional Australia and we both look forward to the day when young peoples' dreams are not restricted by where they live.

Gary O’Sullivan | Principal, Blueleaf Consulting

We absolutely value the service and advice provided by the Boyce team. They have the experience to really understand our business and goals and are proactive in their approach.   They are not just about crunching the numbers but genuinely care about seeing us succeed and providing key assistance along the way. We have the utmost trust in the advice provided by the Boyce team knowing that they are watching the detail and leaving us to get on with what we do best. 

Cheri Templeton | President, Burns Support Foundation

The Boyce team have given us, the Burns Support Foundation (BSF), the most fantastic support and encouragement during the past four year. We were so incredibly fortunate to have you become part of our charity.  

You are an awesome team. You become so involved in the charity you support. I know families appreciate not only your financial support, which allowed the camps to continue, but that team members attend the camps; playing, talking and showing genuine interest in them without any indication of judgement. Many families were very touched that you felt so committed that you would come so far to spend a weekend with them, not to mention running that ‘gruelling’ race.

Please give my sincere thanks to all the Boyce Team. Words are inadequate, but without your incredibly dedicated support we would not be still running camps in 2016. Your support has been absolutely outstanding; you are an awesome team and I have so enjoyed meeting many of you. 

Nick Burton Taylor AM | Chairman, Country Education Foundation of Australia

It takes a special type of organisation to take to heart the well-being and future of its local community. Boyce Chartered Accountants is one such organisation.  

Starting as a single foundation in Boorowa in 1993, the CEF today supports a family of over 40 local foundations across four states and territories. Boyce has been an integral part of our journey, supporting and guiding the organisation and enabling us to significantly expand our footprint and impact. 

Boyce’s personal and professional commitment to our cause has been the foundation of a true partnership. From high-level strategic and financial advice to hands-on, personal involvement in our local fundraising and volunteer activities, Boyce staff and directors have contributed on every level.

Download the testimonial in full here.

Nathan Franks | CEO Dynamic Business Technologies

I really value the relationship I have with Boyce – their approach to client service mirrors that of my own business and fosters a culture of mutual respect.

Scott Christian (Director, Boyce Dubbo) challenges me to consider the drivers of my business and to look for opportunities for growth. Supporting this is the in-depth analysis provided through the Boyce management accounting approach and the firm’s MI (Management Insight) reporting system which allows me to quickly identify the important data so that I can make informed and responsive business decisions. 

Dick Estens AO | Managing Director Beela Pty Ltd

I have been a client of Boyce Chartered Accountants for more than 20 years. During that time my business has grown substantially. I have been able to closely monitor my business with the help of Boyce's unique approach to management accounting for agriculture. 

The cashflow of my business is very important to me and, with the help of Boyce, I am able to understand at any time exactly where my business is placed. 

I have always appreciated and valued their honest and independent advice based on their extensive knowledge of agriculture and rural and regional issues.

K I Lowe | Managing Director Rimanui Farms Ltd

When our New Zealand based farming business expanded into Australia in 1996 we recognised the need for local expertise and professional support. 

It has been a good journey with the support of Boyce Chartered Accountants from the outset. Their integrated service, knowledge of agriculture and local community issues has been outstanding and valuable. 

Running a business from a distance requires professional input with absolute integrity and honesty ... Boyce has provided this for thirteen years and continues to do so.

Leo Fardell | Managing Director Leo Fardell Earthmoving

As the owner of a diverse range of businesses including heavy transport, earthmoving and waste management, it's important to me to have an accountant that does more than just compliance work. The Boyce team is across all facets of both my business and personal financial matters - their knowledge and insight has been invaluable as I have grown and developed my business interests.

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