NSW JobSaver - Extension & Tapering

12 October 2021

NSW Announces Extension & Tapering of JobSaver

The NSW Government has provided a media release regarding the extension and tapering of JobSaver.

Details of the JobSaver changes are set out below and coincide with the phased reductions in restrictions across NSW:

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NSW JobSaver - Update on Reconfirmation of Eligibility

23 September 2021

After consultation, Service NSW have updated their website providing further guidance and clarification regarding the new requirement for businesses to reconfirm their eligibility for JobSaver each fortnight.

It is important to note that September payments will continue even if businesses do not reconfirm eligibility, however any payments after that will only be processed once eligibility is reconfirmed.

Information on the reconfirmation process is available here.

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NSW JobSaver - Reconfirmation of Eligibility

13 September 2021

On Friday Service NSW commenced updating their website and emailing recipients of the JobSaver payments, notifying them that from 10 September 2021 they will be required to reconfirm their eligibility each fortnight to continue receiving payments.

This process was stated to require business to reassess their turnover and to confirm that they are continuing to experience the required 30% reduction in turnover each fortnight.

As there was no warning or public consultation regarding the reassessment of turnover, and businesses often requires assistance with this process, the professional bodies have been liaising with Service NSW on this change. Service NSW have, subsequently, verbally assured the industry that they will be providing a public clarification on this process and that there will be no delay in the next fortnightly payment of NSW COVID business support while this clarification is being provided.

So please do not stress about the emails you may have received from Service NSW since Friday, additional guidance will be provided shortly, and we will provide further information on this matter as it becomes available (your next payment should not be affected while this matter is clarified).

Information on the reconfirmation process is available from and will be updated here.

The Service NSW guidelines for accessing the JobSaver payment have not been updated to reflect the requirement to reconfirm eligibility.

Please contact your local Boyce office if you require further assistance.

Changes to SMSF Rollovers

25 August 2021

SMSF Rollovers to use SuperStream

From 1 October 2021, rollovers to or from SMSFs will need to use SuperStream.

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Zinc Phosphide Rebates Available for NSW Primary Producers

23 August 2021

NSW Primary Producers can now apply for a zinc phosphide rebate as part of the $150 million mice support package.

Eligible applicants can apply for a 50% rebate on the purchase price of zinc phosphide, up to a maximum of $10,000.

Approved applicants can make a single claim for purchases made between 1 January 2021 and 17 December 2021, with claims needing to be submitted by 28 January 2022.

You can find out more about the rebate, eligibility or submit an online application here.

Please contact your local Boyce representative for any help or assistance.