JobKeeper Software Updates

29 April 2020

Payroll & Accounting Software Setup

With registrations for the JobKeeper payment having opened on 20 April 2020, payroll and accounting software companies have released guidance on how you should process these payments.

Below are the links to the instructions on how to setup and process for each system.

Xero (see more below)

MYOB AccountRight Live

MYOB Essentials

Keypay (Phoenix & Quickbooks Online)


The software companies are regularly updating these pages as more information becomes available.


Xero - Changes & Tools to Assist With JobKeeper

With the introduction of the Jobkeeper Payments, Xero have developed some useful tools to assist you with using their software.

Turnover Calculator

This new report can be found under the Tax section of Reports in Xero. It will compare a given month or quarter in 2020 to 2019, based on your Activity Statement reporting schedule and provide you with a turnover change estimate.

Suggested List of Employees

Xero has a list of employees they suggest are eligible based on the information in the system. This is a guide only.

A link to this report in JobKeeper settings can be found here.

Enrol Employees for the ATO Payments

Xero has developed the ability to enrol employees for the ATO payments from within Xero. You can access this through the JobKeeper settings here.

Instructions on how to Process

Xero have provided instructions on how to process the JobKeeper payments in Xero, using Single Touch Payroll reporting. You will find these here.

Xero publishes information regularly to their COVID-19 government support page and is a great resource if you have any Xero related questions on these topics.

If you have any questions on the JobKeeper payment or how to setup and process with your payroll and accounting software, please contact your local Boyce accountant.

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