Covid-19 Management: Boyce Videoconferencing Update

19 March 2020

Boyce Chartered Accountants has implemented technology to assist with our valued clients still being able to meet with their accountants in a safe way during the need for social isolation, with the implementation of Microsoft Teams as you were advised earlier this week.

We are also implementing Zoom as an alternative option for clients that would prefer to use this application for the meeting. Zoom is a video conference technology that has a similar experience to that of Microsoft Teams. For those already using Zoom, this may be a preferable option.

When your Boyce accountant discusses the meeting with you, please indicate if you have a preference on the application used. If you do not have a preference your Boyce accountant will advise you what they feel would be most appropriate.

If you are going to use Zoom please see the below link to instructions on how to join the call and use the system.

Download the instructions for Zoom meetings here

If you have any concerns regarding meeting with Boyce and COVID-19 please contact the accountant you are meeting with. Boyce will assist in making the experience of meeting remotely as smooth as possible, so please contact us if you have any issues.

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