Thank you for helping Boyce crack the $36,500 mark in our City2Surf fundraiser

Thank you for helping Boyce crack the $36,500 mark in our City2Surf fundraiser

15 August 2018

It was a special running of the City2Surf last Sunday, with Boyce celebrating its tenth year of participation. As the top 10 fundraiser in the city2surf, Boyce raised more than $36,500 for children’s health and education charity Royal Far West.

The final fundraising total means Boyce has raised more than $265,000 during its ten years of participating in the City2Surf. “I’m proud of the Boyce team for their efforts in the City2Surf and for their various fundraising endeavours over the past two months, whether it be cooking barbecues or giving out hugs,” Managing Director Phil Alchin said.

“We also receive fantastic support from our clients and business partners. We are extremely appreciative of the generosity provided to our annual city2surf fundraising event."

Forty Boyce participants, consisting of team members, family and friends from each Boyce office, ran or walked the 14km course.

“Especially this year, when so many in our regional communities across NSW in particular are struggling with the drought, it’s rewarding to be able to give back by supporting Royal Far West, an organisation that provides invaluable support to our communities.”

Various charities have benefitted from the Boyce City2Surf running over the years, with the causes geared towards supporting local communities.

This year’s charity, Royal Far West, have kept country kids connected to healthcare services they need and couldn’t otherwise access for the past 94 years. “Royal Far West is an amazing charity, providing regional and remote communities and their children with invaluable health and education services,” Mr Alchin said.

Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to this outstanding event!

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