Ten questions with Cooma director Julie Schofield

Ten questions with Cooma director Julie Schofield

13 May 2016

From her baked New York cheesecake, to braiding show horses - we take a look at Julie’s childhood memories, important lessons learned in life and quirky habits. 

1.   What are three words to describe you? Energetic (most of the time), hermit (on the weekends), fun.

2.   What is your favourite childhood memory? Christmas morning, we had a large family so it was always full on.

3.   What is the best advice you ever received? Don’t sweat the small stuff.

4.   What was the most important thing you learned in school? It doesn't matter what you look like or where you came from, we are all equal.

5.   What is one goal — either personal or professional — that you would like to accomplish during your lifetime?  Be the best person I can be. And... Complete my first marathon.

6.   What was the last book you read?  Everything to Live for by the courageous and inspiring Turia Pitt.

7.   Do you have a talent, hobby or interest that would surprise people? I make a pretty mean baked New York cheesecake and also recently learnt to plat/braid show horses (although still learning).

8.   What is one piece of technology you can’t live without? My iPhone – I would be lost without it.

9.   What is one unique or quirky habit that you have? I must get up by 5am each weekday; if this doesn't happen then my day doesn't usually go to plan.

10.   Finish this sentence. Boyce to me is… About building a unique culture which we foster through care for clients, training of our staff, friendships that last a lifetime, and a family who you can always count on.

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