Keeping our kids in the country - Boyce Accounting Cadetships

Keeping our kids in the country - Boyce Accounting Cadetships

13 June 2016

Why would you want to join the Boyce Cadetship Program? Well, there are lots of reasons! It will kick start your career and provides generous financial support through textbook allowance and paid study and exam leave, but most importantly, you get a clearly defined career path.

Our Cadetship Program is designed for students who live in regional NSW and are undertaking a degree in a related field such as commerce, economics, business or accounting. Cadet’s gain valuable practical on the job experience whilst completing their degree.

Dubbo based Accountant, Meggan Kendall commenced her career with Boyce in the Cadetship Program in 2010. Since completing her Cadetship, Meggan has embarked on her post graduate studies in the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand Chartered Accountant (CA) Program.

Most recently, Meggan was awarded the Western Region Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) Scholarship in 2016.

“Having access to tertiary education in a regional area was pivotal in allowing me to realise my goal of gaining a recognised degree without having to leave my home, family and friends. The degree of flexibility with all tertiary study these days makes contemplating a Cadetship a realistic option for everyone” said Meggan.

Cadetships are designed to be flexible, allowing a combination of full time, part time and distance education options whilst undertaking the degree.

“The Cadetship Program is such an inherent part of the firm that everyone is very conscious of your university commitments and accordingly very flexible with your workload. This makes it really easy to fit both work and study into your life.”  

“The second best thing is that you are earning money whilst you work as a cadet. This means you will always be financially ahead of your friends that choose to move away for university and are dependent on government benefits or unrelated casual work” said Meggan.  

Living and working in a regional centre means lower cost of living, a shorter commute and more time to spend with your families, socialising or leading an active lifestyle, things all of the Boyce director’s encourage and live by themselves with balancing their numerous commitments.

Julie Schofield is one of three directors who commenced their careers with Boyce through the Cadetship Program.

Julie was just 18 years old when she joined Boyce as a Cadet and ten years later, she was appointed as a director of the firm. Julie lives with her husband and two daughters on a farm ten minutes outside of Cooma.

”As a teenager and young adult I was very ambitious and building a career was important to me. Being able to have a rewarding and challenging career yet live in regional Australia was a win win for me. I have so many wonderful friendships that will last a lifetime, and have gained an entire family who I can always count on” said Julie.

Applications are now open for our Cadetship Program with places available in our Cooma, Dubbo, Goulburn, Moree and Wagga Wagga offices. If you're completing your HSC this year or undertaking a degree in a related field such as commerce, economics, business or accounting and considering a career in public accounting, we should talk. We are always keen to hear from eager young students.

For further information contact our Human Resources Coordinator Tracey Somerville on 6971 0600 or visit the Boyce careers website here

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