Innovative land management program

Innovative land management program

1 September 2012

“Soils for Life” is an Outcomes Australia program chaired by former Governor General of Australia, Major General Michael Jeffery (Retd). 

Outcomes Australia is a not-for-profit organisation for change. It is a collaboration of eminent Australians who are dedicating time and expertise on a pro-bono basis to deliver solutions for the greater good. The purpose is to ensure that Australia has optimal solutions to problems that impact on the entire community directly, or indirectly.

The Soils for Life program aims to facilitate positive and sustained change in how the Australian landscape is managed to ensure a thriving natural environment for the benefit of all Australians. 

The team behind Soils for Life believe Australia needs a comprehensive coordinated approach to address landscape degradation. They are seeking to encourage farmers and land managers to adopt improved regenerative landscape management practices focused on the interrelated components of soil, water and vegetation and by becoming more efficient in the use of natural resources. 

Former Boyce Director, Tony Long has become involved in the Soils for Life program and reports that it has received strong financial backing from a number of eminent Australians who are genuinely interested in the bush. 

Visit the organisation website at to learn more and access full details of some very interesting, initial case studies. 

The case studies focus on “Landscape Regeneration in Practice” and feature a number of innovative farming enterprises and landscape management organisations who share their experiences in landscape regeneration. 


Source: Soils for Life website 

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