Employee Truck Driver Travel Allowances

Employee Truck Driver Travel Allowances

19 December 2017

Previously we sent an article out describing the changes that came into effect from 1 July 2017 relating to the amount of allowances which Employee Truck Drivers could claim for meals without needing to maintain detailed records of the expenditure. The ATO have since changed their position on this matter and have stated that Employee Truck Drivers can  now choose either method for claiming their expenses from 1 July 2017.


Reasonable meal expenses for the 2017-18 income year

The previous change made by the ATO was to reduce the maximum reasonable allowance limit from $97.40 (comprised of Breakfast - $23.70, Lunch $27.05 and Dinner - $46.65) per day to $55.30 per day (being a simple daily amount) which an Employee is away from home.

Besides the maximum potential claim amount the other key difference is that to claim the full $97.40 a driver had to incur costs for each meal (i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner) while you simply needed to incur expenses on at least 1 meal to be eligible for the $55.30 simple daily amount.

The revised ATO guidance now provides that reasonable expenses for the meals are: Breakfast - $24.25, Lunch $27.65 and Dinner - $47.70 however to ensure that drivers are not disadvantaged from this change the ATO will allow drivers to continue to use the simple daily rate of $55.30 if they so choose.

Chartered Accountants ANZ have a detailed fact sheet here and we recommend that you discuss this with your Boyce Accountant before relying on any information.

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