Conservation Tillage Tax Offset Ending Soon

Conservation Tillage Tax Offset Ending Soon

28 March 2014

As part of their bill to repeal the Carbon Tax Legislation, the Abbott Government intends to discontinue the Conservation Tillage Refundable Tax Offset as at 1 July 2014. 

The proposed changes will not affect primary producers wishing to access the scheme for the 2013-14 income tax year.

Under the former Labor government's Clean Energy Future plan, primary producers have been able to access a 15 per cent Refundable Tax Offset (RTO) on the purchase of eligible seeding equipment.

Jointly administered by the Australian Taxation Office and the Department of Agriculture, the scheme was designed to give farmers incentives to move to zero-till and minimum tillage techniques to enhance soil carbon, water retention and productivity.

Primary producers intending to access the RTO in this financial year, must purchase new and eligible conservation tillage equipment, have it ready for use by 30 June 2014 and hold a Research Participation Certificate from the Department of Agriculture.

If you require a Research Participation Certificate for the 2013–14 income year, you must complete and submit the Research Participation Certificate application form on or before 30 June 2014.

The Research Participation Certificate form (application and survey) can only be completed once the machinery has been delivered to and is installed, ready for use, on your property.

Further details about eligible conservation tillage equipment and how to complete and submit the Research Participate Certificate form are available on the Department of Agriculture website at

For further information and to discuss the tax implications of this scheme, please speak with your local Boyce Director.


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