Boyce Financial Services - Business Health Survey

Boyce Financial Services - Business Health Survey

15 October 2015

Boyce Financial Services recently contracted Business Health Pty Ltd to assist us with our client satisfaction survey.

We have now received the results from the questionnaire, and while the confidential and anonymous nature of the survey means we do not know who responded, we would like to send our sincere thanks to those who did invest their time and effort. Your input was of great value and is extremely appreciated.

The aim of this exercise was to identify how we are performing in the eyes of our clients across the key areas of our business, and pinpoint where our clients feel we could deliver further or better value and in which areas. 

A summary of the results are outlined in the table below. 


Our individual survey results have been benchmarked against other financial planning practices, to compare our performance with that of the national industry average.

The results and comments compiled from the project have confirmed that our client service offering and the strategic direction of our practice is at the forefront of trends in the financial planning industry.

Key findings

  • We are well ahead of the national average in all performance areas, ranking in the top quartile in all nine key performance indicators
  • The business relationships we have with our clients, ranked as our highest performance area
  • From the 89% of clients who indicated that they would be happy to refer a friend or colleague to us, only 49% said they have physically referred a potential client to our practice
  • Our lowest scoring area was the range of financial services we offer, however this was the area that we outperformed the national average by the greatest margin

Focus areas

  • As part of the review process, we should aim to identify those clients who want to be contacted ‘as needed’ and those who would appreciate a more active approach as communication is critical to maintaining strong business relationships
  • Our newer clients, who have been with us for less than 3 years, might appreciate a more regular review process, so they can experience the upmost comfort in our process
  • Our clients highly value Boyce’s professionalism and breadth of knowledge
  • Our clients would like to be updated on their portfolio and the market, and that financial review process is one of the most critical areas in which we can add long term value

Again, we thank all of our clients who completed the survey and we look forward to continuing to maintain strong business relationships with our clients and providing a first class service. 



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