Boyce & Cotton Industry Resurrect Cotton Study

1 May 2011

Boyce Chartered Accountants will collaborate with the Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC) to produce the “Australian Cotton Comparative Analysis” for 2010/11, a report that is regarded as the industry benchmark for the economics of cotton growing in Australia. 

Boyce has been involved in the preparation of the Australian Cotton Comparative Analysis (ACCA) annually since the 1988/89 season through until 2006 when irrigated cotton plantings across Eastern Australia plummeted due to drought and insufficient availability of water. 

Boyce Director, Phil Alchin, said that during the long years of drought which saw the demise of the ACCA publication, interest in the study hadn’t waned, with cotton-growers and others in the industry keen to see the re-emergence of this valuable resource.

“With vastly improved seasonal conditions and subsequent huge cotton plantings planned for the next few years, we saw an opportunity to reinvigorate the study and we are extremely pleased that the CRDC agreed to invest in the project,” said Mr Alchin. 

The aim of the study is to collect and critically analyse data that will assist the industry to grow and develop sustainably, through a focus on best practice techniques. 

Boyce will not only gather data from the 2010/11 season, but also include data the firm has collected in the intervening period from 2006, when the ACCA was last published. 

Participants in this year’s study will be drawn from a number of irrigation valleys including the Border Rivers, Namoi and Gwydir valleys in Northern NSW/Queensland, the Macquarie Valley in Central Western NSW and the Lower Balonne in Southern Queensland. 

Mr Alchin also hopes to include data from cotton growers around Hillston in the South West of the State where there are some very large plantings this year. 

Bruce Pyke, General Manager – R&D Investment of the Cotton Research and Development Corporation is keen to see a continuation of the Australian Cotton Comparative Analysis. 

“As part of our strategic plan, we are keen to ensure that cotton farmers have access to financial performance information that can help them to better manage risk and improve business management. ACCA is a valuable tool in helping the industry to do this,” said Mr Pyke (pictured above middle with David Newnham, Associate Director Boyce Moree on left, and Phil Alchin, Director Boyce Moree on right) 

Boyce and the CRDC agree that the comparative analysis has proven to be, and will continue to be, a valuable resource in the challenge to achieve sustainable competitive advantage for the Australian cotton industry and the regional communities which support the industry. 

The publication is due to be released in the first half of 2012.

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