Signing Documents Made Easy with Boyce & DocuSign

27 November 2020

Boyce are excited to have partnered with DocuSign to sign documents online in a quick and easy process.

Some of the benefits are:

  • A safe way to sign documents during COVID-19
  • A quicker way to sign documents, with most signing processes only taking a few minutes for you to sign on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.
  • A more environmentally friendly option that limits the use of paper.

What can be Signed with DocuSign?

You will see your Boyce Team sending Activity Statements, Tax Returns and Financial Statements to you through DocuSign.

A significant amount of ASIC and Company documents can’t be signed due to legal or ASIC requirements. We will only send you documents via Electronic Signing that we are happy for you to sign.


DocuSign requires that each signer has a separate email address and mobile number for the digital signature to be valid. If we only have a shared email address or mobile in our system your accountant may contact you asking if you can provide an alternative to enable DocuSign to be used.

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Boyce congratulates Brian Wray on his appointment as Director

26 November 2020

Brian joined the Goulburn office in 2000 as a Cadet Accountant, after completing his secondary studies. It was not long before Brian’s innate ability to research and interpret taxation legislation resulted in his transfer to the firm’s Tax Consulting Division in late 2002.

In recognition of his extraordinary technical expertise and knowledge, Brian was promoted to Senior Tax Consultant in 2013, where he and his team are charged with providing consulting services to the professional accounting team across the five Boyce offices.

In announcing the appointment, Managing Director Carmen Caldwell noted Brian's enormous contribution since joining the firm as a cadet twenty years ago, "We are thrilled to welcome Brian as a Director of Boyce. Client care is at the forefront of everything he does, and the Tax Consulting Group provide a vital service to our clients & team. Brian will make an exceptional addition to the leadership team with his incomparable expertise."

Brian commented, ”I’ve always felt very fortunate to be part of the Boyce team. Being surrounded by so many outstanding people, it’s quite humbling to be invited to join our Director group.  I’m really excited about the future and continuing to help our clients and team to exceed their own expectations.”

Brian has lived and breathed the values of Boyce and his commitment and dedication both to clients and as a respected Boyce leader across the firm is nothing short of impressive.

Please join us in congratulating Brian on his appointment.


2020/21 NSW State Budget Released

20 November 2020

On Tuesday 17 November 2020, the NSW Government released the 2020/21 NSW State Budget. As with the Federal Budget, the NSW State Budget was heavily focused on providing a response to the economic impact of COVID-19. Unlike the Federal Budget, there was a greater focus on direct spending on infrastructure projects and exploring duties and tax reform, and less focus on stimulus measures.

Payroll tax cuts

The payroll tax threshold for NSW will be increased to $1.2 million from 1 July 2020. This is a permanent increase to the threshold.

There will also be a temporary two-year reduction in the payroll tax rate from 5.45% to 4.85%. This will apply from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2022. 

Property tax reform

As part of this Budget the NSW Government has announced that over the coming months it will begin the process of seeking public feedback on proposed property tax reforms. Under these reforms, homeowners will be given the choice to pay stamp duty up front when acquiring residential property or a smaller annual land tax. Further, existing stamp duty concessions for first home buyers will possibly be replaced by a grant of up to $25,000.

For more details of the proposed reforms, including information on how to provide feedback, please refer here.

Vouchers for small and medium size businesses

Small and medium size businesses which do not have a payroll tax liability are to receive a $1,500 digital voucher that can be applied against government fees and charges. It is intended that:

  • The vouchers will be available to small and medium size businesses in NSW which do not pay payroll tax;
  • The vouchers will be capped at $1,500, and can be used towards the costs of any government fees and charges;
  • Will be accessible through the MyService NSW portal and will operate as a rebate, where a claim can be made after fees and charges have been paid;
  • Will be available for use from 1 April 2021 to 30 June 2022.

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Changes to the Boyce Portal

16 November 2020

We’ve been hard at work making some changes to the Boyce portal to make it easier to use and more secure for you. These changes will apply from 16 November 2020.

Easier to use – you no longer require a Microsoft account, instead you will use a one-time password.

More secure – we have added multi factor authentication. This is an additional code or prompt generated by an app on your phone; just like the banks.

What is the Boyce Portal?

The Boyce Portal has been developed to be a secure and efficient way for you and your accountant to share information, with functionality expanding regularly. You should consider using the Boyce Portal if:

  • You want to work on files together with your accountant, where you can both access and update the live document at the same time, without the need to download and upload versions.
  • You want to stop sending lots of emails with files to your accountant and streamline the document collection process.
  • You want access to documents to download when you need them, such as previous financial statements, tax returns and permanent documents.
  • You need to send or receive large documents from your accountant.
  • You need to send or receive sensitive information that cannot be sent by email for security reasons.
  • You need to share select information with third parties, such as the ATO.
  • You want to use a digital storage space that you and your accountant share.


When you sign in, we’ll send a code to your email instead of a password. View example here.

The first time you log in, you will be prompted to set up your multi factor authentication.

We recommend using Microsoft’s Authenticator app, as it will send you a push notification which you can accept, as opposed to having to enter another code.

View our multi factor authentication setup guide here.

We’ve made these changes to simplify the sign in process and ensure information is more secure than ever.

We would love to hear your feedback, please let us know through your accountant.