Registration relief for farmers

Registration relief for farmers

6 September 2018

To give farmers and their families some much needed drought relief from 30 July 2018 the NSW government are waiving registration charges on Class 1 agricultural vehicles.

In addition, farmers will also benefit from a rebate on heavy vehicle registration costs for the next two years.

Waiving registration charges on Class 1 agricultural vehicles

What is a Class 1 agricultural vehicle?

- A Class 1 agricultural vehicle exceeds one or more of the following prescribed dimensions

  • 2.5m wide, 4.3m high, 12.5m long, 42.5 tonnes gross mass (or exceeding a statutory axle mass limit)

- Has its own automotive power

- Is built to perform agricultural tasks (and registered/insured for on farm use)

Example of vehicles that are eligible for the relief may include Loader, Bulldozer, harvester, picker, sprayer, excavator, spreader, grader, tractor

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