Training versus Learning and Development

Training versus Learning and Development

22 October 2013

What is the difference between training and learning and development (L&D) and why does it matter to your business? 

Stacey Hinton, Boyce Learning and Development Coordinator, explores this question in her first article for our client newsletter below. 

Training is about the organisation. Learning and development is about the person.

Over the past few years there has been a significant shift as organisations have begun to realise that knowledge and capability needs cannot be met just through sending employees to training courses.

Often the terms ‘training’ and ‘L&D’ are used interchangeably. They are however, quite distinct. In his book, Helping people learn: strategies for moving from training to learning, J. Reynolds  states “learning is the process by which a person constructs new knowledge, skills and capabilities, whereas training is one of several responses an organisation can undertake to promote learning”.  

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