A farewell to legendary Boyce Director, Bernard Kennedy

A farewell to legendary Boyce Director, Bernard Kennedy

3 August 2017

As many of you would be aware, after practising as an accountant for the last 31 years, 23 of those years with Boyce, Dubbo Director Bernard Kennedy has left the firm to pursue his other passion.  While Bernard could have continued as a Boyce Director for another 6 years under our retirement rules, he has decided the time is right for him to devote more time to his family’s farming and grazing interests and had his last day with Boyce on 30 June 2017.  

Bernard isn’t that fond of me using the “R word” as I have made this mistake a couple of times when talking to him recently and he has quickly told me, “Phil, I’m not retiring, I am just going to do something else.”

Of course it was with mixed emotions that we said farewell to Bernard. 

We were obviously sad to no longer be in business with a great mate.  Bernard is a great friend to all in the firm often leading the charge when there a bit of fun to be had.  It is no surprise that Bernard has also developed deep and lasting relationships with his clients and I’m sure that these friendships will continue.

We were thankful.  Thankful for the amazing contribution Bernard made over the last 23 years to our clients and our firm.  Bernard’s unquestioned commitment to our clients through living our firm vision of genuine care for clients and being passionate about helping them maximise their wealth has had a lasting impact on many regional family businesses. 

Incredibly Bernard spent 12 of his 23 years, more than half of his time with Boyce, on the firm’s Executive, 6 of these as Managing Director.  Through these 12 years our business has continued to grow and evolve with our continued focus on living our vision and values.  While it may not necessarily appear so to our clients, during these 12 years our firm went through an amazing amount of change, change which has placed us in a much stronger position to continue to thrive in an ever evolving world and maintain our focus on genuine client care and client wealth maximisation.

We are also excited.  We are excited for Bernard, after 31 years of helping clients achieve their goals he has headed off to pursue his other passion, which I know he is really looking forward to.

We are also excited for our firm; and trust me, Bernard is as excited as anyone.  We are excited at the amazing opportunity that Bernard’s change in direction provides for our clients and our team.  The renewal that comes from the “retirement” of a Director is the essence of what Mick Boyce was striving for when he introduced a compulsory retirement age for Boyce Directors all of those years ago.  We feel that this renewal, coupled with our commitment to the continuing development of our team, enables our firm to maintain the very highest levels of service and commitment to our clients.

We wish Bernard and his wife Lee all of the very best for the years ahead.  We hope that the next stage of their life brings them every happiness and look forward to the opportunities to catch up with them.

-Phil Alchin, Managing Director

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