2014 Australian Cotton Comparative Analysis

2014 Australian Cotton Comparative Analysis

18 June 2015

We are pleased to advise that the 2014 Australian Cotton Comparative Analysis (ACCA) report has been published.

Boyce has been preparing Cotton Comparative Analysis numbers for the Australian cotton industry since 1986. The 2014 report is the tenth report produced as a joint initiative with the Cotton Research and Development Corporation.

This latest report examines the 2014 cotton crop results and includes a comparison to previous years’ results and makes comment about emerging trends in the industry. 

The participants in the 2014 analysis include a broad representation from the different cotton-growing valleys that were able to plant, grow and pick their cotton using normal irrigation practices. The number of bales in the sample was just on 500,000, approximately 13% of total Australian cotton production. 

Download the 2014 ACCA Summary.

Our aim is to increase the number of participants in the 2015 Australian Cotton Comparative Analysis as an increased sample size would allow us to provide more detailed information on a valley by valley basis.

A full copy of the 2014 Australian Cotton Comparative Analysis report can be downloaded HERE.

Please do not hesitate to contact David Newnham, Paul Fisher or Phil Alchin on (02) 6752 7799 should you wish to discuss these results or your participation in the 2015 analysis.

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