2011 Australian cotton comparative analysis

24 May 2012

The 2011 Australian Cotton Comparative Analysis (ACCA) reveals that 2011 was a record year in terms of planting, bale production and price. 

The average price of $526 per bale was the highest since 2004; yield continued to climb and the net profit per hectare was the highest recorded in the history of this analysis.

Boyce have been preparing the Cotton Comparative Analysis numbers for the Australian cotton industry since 1986. The 2011 report is the seventh produced

 as a joint initiative between the Cotton Research and Development Corporation and Boyce Chartered Accountants. 

The ACCA provides cotton growers with valuable information and insights into the economics of cotton growing in Australia including a review of the 2011 cotton crop results, comparison of the results to previous years and comments on emerging trends. 

The sample of participants used in the 2011 analysis captured representation from the different valleys that were able to plant, grow and pick their cotton using normal irrigation practices. The total number of bales in the sample was just over 400,000, which is approximately 10% of the total cotton production in Australia for this season.

Key points from the Analysis include: 

  • Total income per hectare for the average grower was a record $5,391 with the top 20% of participants achieving $6,051. 
  • Expenses per hectare reduced significantly with the average grower costs at $3,472/ha and the top 20% at $3,137. 
  • Profits per hectare were at the highest ever reported in the history of this analysis at $1,559/ha for average growers and $2,749 for the top 20%. 
  • Average price per bale was $526. 
  • Average yield of 10.04 bales/ha was achieved with the top 20% at 11.20 bales/ha. 
  • Cost of Production for the average grower was $346/bale with the top 20% at $282/bale. 

Download the complete report of the 2011 Australian Cotton Comparative Analysis here. 

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